Hydraulic hose assembly

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Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Hydraulic hose gives an essential means for transporting liquid from one part then onto the next, and in the meantime it supplies an intrinsic flexibility to designers

Why choose Redex?

Redex gives amazing low, medium, and high pressure hydraulic hose assemblies that are intended to meet or surpass SAE, ISO, EN and JIS industry benchmarks. With our in-house testing abilities we can likewise test to unique customer specifications.
Not only an assembly task, Redex benefits by our design and validation ensuring we have full control to meet requesting client prerequisites and industry compliance. Our hose assemblies are completely tested using in- house impulse and durability testing gear and methods.


Hose is coupled to our standard and custom hose fittings to fit any client application. Our clients benefit from the additional quality that originates from the creation of our own hydraulic fittings, on location.
Hose routing is a basic part of a well-designed framework. Improper routing can prompt untimely disappointment of hose or fittings. We use quality products to enable you to accomplish an inconvenience free hydraulic conveyance system

Components that make up full hose assembly

When taking a gander at a full hose assembly, it is fundamentally a length of hose with an appropriately connected fitting on each end. Hose assembly is made out of the hose and the end fittings, which are controlled by the application in which the hose assembly will be set.

Hydraulic hoses have three major components, which incorporates:

Tube: The tube is the internal most part of the hose. Its job is to pass on the media from one end of the hose to the next and shield the outside from the media or liquid being passed on.

Reinforcement: Reinforcement is the main quality of the hose and arrives in an assortment of variety, including braided, spiral and helical.

Cover: The cover is intended to shield the reinforcement and tube from the outside condition.

Each one of these three segments plays an imperative part to enable the hose to work in an assortment of situations. These hoses are intended to meet diverse specifications and necessities that emerge with the distinctive situations where hoses will be introduced.

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